Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Take a Stitch Tuesday vol 1 & 2

Due to a big project in my life I'm very behind with this amazing "workshop", but doing my best to find time for one stitch a week. Yetsreday I did 2 and I am sooo hooked.
I'm using an old jeans (lighter type) skirt I made way back and some cotton thread (which is really for knitting and crocheting... huh it makes stitching difficult, but it looks nice).
First week: Herringbone stitch

I must admit that I had to RIP twice before an idea suddenly came and I knew what to do with the stitches. First I just tried them and it didn't look nice or made any sense, but it was worth waiting. Why I chose jeans? Well I don't have many materials at home, since I don't have a sewing machine, I didn't want to start stitching "just because", I needed to make something I didn't have to sew afterwards. Luckily I remembered my only plain (and not brand new) skirt, which happens to be made of jeans' material.
Second week: Buttonhole stitch

I know that it looks funny and odd-shaped and reminds you something, but I haven't finished with the beads yet :). I didn't find this stitch as versatile and interesting as herringbone, since it looks better in symmetrical shapes which I honestly am not after with this project. It looks marvellous in triangles and squares, but if you have a material on which you cannot count the threads between each stitch - this just doesn't let you play as much. Plus the horizontal row forming at the bottom limits it.
Till next time!

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