Thursday, November 08, 2007


I'm on the scarf-hat-mitten mode right now - like every autumn, even though this year I have 30 degrees Celcius outside and not 13 or 3 (Italy/Estonia). As soon as Christmas is over I start knitting other things, but until you gotta bear with my Christmas gifts.
So this time I present you Bainbridge Scarf. It is a very easy knit, you basically cast-on, knit in round, cast-off, knit two ribbons and then say... ?!?!?!?! buh... Then you open the .pdf again and step in front of mirror and practice putting it on. Simple as that. Takes a few times though before it becomes your absolute favourite. Like in my case.
Bain Bridge Scarf
Needle: 3,5 mm
Pattern: Bainbridge Scarf
Yarn: Schoeller+Stahl Merino Soft (100% merino)

Bain Bridge Scarf

Maybe a hat now? A Beret? Ravelry.


Typesetter said...

That's wicked! I wanted to knit it too (well, I am going to knit it too... But I will knit it sideways, not in the round, for color reasons).

PippaW said...

Vary nice! I'm starting one myself too (I stole the pattern from Typesetter ;-). Looks lovely!