Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Old Debt

When I was in Italy still packing when I dug out a vest from my closet, completely forgotten :(. The only reason for that - I don't have a white long sleeved shirt. When I saw the Leftovers vest in I had a sudden urge to knit it. And I was very sure I wanted to knit it from the same yarn, because I saw some really yummy photos on Alison Hansel's blog. But unfortunately already back then (winter 2005-2006) the yarn was discontinued and not available for the European knitter. After countless searches I finally found a Dutch yarn shop without a website but luckily with an e-mail address who had still some leftovers and some corrispondence with the kind shop-owner lead to my order. It took 1 month of agonizing wait, I already had had my fingers burnt with Poste Italiane. I finally got it, and within next two days I had my result:
leftovers vest
Phildar Legende Tweed Alpaca is a very nice yarn: interesting texture, nice soft and beautiful colors. It is 48% wool. 41% acrylic, 9% alpaca and 2% of rayon. It has 125yd/115m for 50g. I knit the vest with 4,5mm needles.

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