Friday, May 11, 2007

Knitting with both hands

Some of you define themselves Continental Knitters, some English Knitters some Italian knitters, some knit like Portugese do. I was continental knitter, still am as a matter of fact, but now I could say I am expanded continental knitter.
I like learning new things, I find great pleasure trying out different designs, always keeping an eye on, that they have some new techinques to teach me. I do not like knitting items where I cannot play with new skills, so when I saw Equinox Yoke Pullover I knew I wanted to do it. But knitting with colors is such a dull thing, all that stranding and yarn balls getting all tangled up (even if you are careful and follow yarn dominance principles... you know, the thing about which yarn always comes from under and which from top), and the tightness-looseness of stitches which is difficult to control... so I let it be at first and while surfing in internet one day I found a website which had a video about circular knitting with both hands (I can't find it anymore though). I flared up! I had to learn it. And of course I'm just not going to make a simple swatch and try it, I just started the Equinox Yoke pullover straight away. (Okay I opened Knitting Help site and looked how you gotta knit english way, tryed it out on few rows and off I was). The sleeves I knit continental way, working real fast for I was eager to start knititng in the round. And yes, girls, I did it. The first few rows were slow, but the more I knit the faster I got (logical, huh), and I'm hooked. My next goal is to start flat color knititng also with both hands. So I'm in lookout for a project to do that.


Justine said...

I learned this technique too with Knitting Help and now I'm in love with It. I use it when I don't have to change many times from knit and purl- It's so relaxing and it's more like crocheting (the way you hold the yarn). I'm sure you'll love it too!!

Justine said...

Nice makeover of the blog! :-) See you on saturday I hope!