Thursday, April 24, 2008

DoubleU IGH Pee

After finishing the Mimosa wrap I took things easy for awhile, that means I didn't get into a new big project straight away but spent some time with my Koigu jacket, which started out like this
New knitting

But now it has all new color scheme and I'm taking things very easy
Koigu jacket restart

I started with a cotton dress, but I'm considering frogging it since I really am not comfortable working with it. This type of cotton is good for crocheting, I'm tired of its unfriendly feel while trying to knit it.
Vintage dress

Then I cleaned up my pattern collection and felt a sudden urge to do cables, so I'm doing Debbie Bliss' Catriona:

The mitts I showed you few weeks ago are finished and being blocked, I'm writing down the pattern, and I have to decide whether to try and sell it or give it out as a free pattern. Follow me through the pros and cons and give me some feedback, please.

I don't feel 100% comfortable selling a mitten pattern, because overall I find mittens an easy knit.
It would be a little bit of a hassle setting up an account to sell it and I would have to figure out the price and the whole tax situation.
The yarn I'm using is not widely available.

I've invested a great deal of time to write up the pattern and draw clear schematics.
I'm explaining a new way to do really neat mitten decreases - I've not come across it yet in any patterns in English, and it is a very old and not widely used technique from Estonia.
The mittens have two versions and I'm giving alternative options.

What would you do?


Belinda said...

The mitts are so pretty I'd definitely sell the pattern if I was in your shoes. The Pros outweigh the Cons, and extra points for the unusual decrease technique!

clphanson said...

I would also sell the pattern.

Karen said...

As a business owner myself, I can only say KINDLASTI (certainly) sell it, especially if you have discovered or rediscovered a decrease technique that isn't widely known. I was born without a knitting gene, but I am Estonian, and I sew and illustrate, and I found your blog when I was researching folk costumes. I really enjoyed seeing the development of your embroidery on your daughter's apron. Very nice! Ilus!