Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Queen Anne for mum

I guess you all know of MMario who has designed quite a few lace shawls and offers them free of charge online.
I have way too much lace yarn and my mom had her 50th birthday coming up, so I was on a lookout for a perfect non-triangular shawl for quite awhile. Until I found Queen Anne's Lace.

It is knit with Italian nearly cobweb weight merino wool that i found a few years back in Milan on offer for only €10 for 0,5 kilos. I got a whole bag and though I did Kiri, Shallowtail Shawl and Swan Lake and now Queen Anne, I still have a skein of it left!
I used needles nr. 3,75mm. The only thing I'm not 100% content is that my BO was too tight and I didn't manage to block the edge spikier, but overall it was an easy pattern to read and a nice lace to knit.
It took me nearly a month to complete but I took it very easy.


Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to knit this pattern since the moment I saw it. I've knitted one lace shawl before so I thought I could conquer this too. I got a very lacey yarn, lilac...and have spent the last two days trying to start it and getting nowhere! How on earth did you do it!? I get big ladders and can't grip the needles because it's so floppy. Help?

I am supremely jealous of your shawl. It's absolutely gorgeous.

Ing. said...

Hi, anonymus

I'm sorry I know so little of your project. I wish you'd give the name of your yarn and needle size (circs or double pointed?) , as well as telling me whether you are following written or charted instructions. I'm confident I'll be ale to help if I know tad more about your project.

I do remember the stitch pattern being very un-obvious the first rows and me being puzzled and at some point I had to frog due to a mistake. So it is not an easy pattern, but it's doable if you stick to it. In the latter rounds it got much easier to understand the dynamics of this shawl and to start imagining the pattern without constantly counting and re-counting stitches.

Anonymous said...

Ooo yeah...details might be a tad helpful. :P Sorry about that.

I'm using Jojoland Harmony laceweight, and double points of whatever size that works (I've tried 1, 4, and 8s. My pattern calls for 8s though.) Did you use wood/bamboo needles? I'm using aluminum and have heard that it's not the best choice for lace.

This is the pattern I'm using:

It seems pretty straight forward, I don't think it's the pattern that's the problem, more like getting the hang of working with the very tiny yarn. Once I get to about the 9th row or so, I don't have a problem but those first few rows, trying to work in the round with such loose, small stitches, is...a test of patience, shall we say. :P

Thank you SO much for your help!

Ing. said...

Hi, I used US5 needles. Back then I only had aluminum dpns and yes, I recall now, that it was very fiddly. I remember solving the problem, by using only 4 needles (3 inserted in sts, one working) to reduce the juggling. And then switching over to circular needles (wooden) as soon as possible. Once the work was on circs the pattern became obvious as well. I'd go down on needle size since you are using cobweb weight (as was I), pattern calls for laceweight yarn and therefore larger needle. Try it out and keep me posted!!! I'm curious to see yours.

Anonymous said...

Alrighty, then I will keep plugging away at it. One more quick the beginning, did you knit super tight or super loose? Just curious.

Thank you so much for your help!!

Ing. said...

Changes in tension can be very obvious, so I try to use even tension throughout my projects. This one wasn't any different. :)