Sunday, February 01, 2009

When a great book is published

Then it must be bought. If the book has great instructions for the technique it describes and most beautiful designs then it is no wonder that nevertheless of the 2 kilos of lace yarn one has waiting at home, a new skein has to be purchased and new project cast on.

I bought Nancy Bush's "Knitted Lace of Estonia" as soon as I saw it on the shelf in book store and cast on for this beauty:

(At this moment I'm at the second row of Lilies and cannot understand where a mistake is hiding, because the chart is faulty - I haven't been able to find an errata on the web so I laid aside the piece for awhile and finish something else I started )

This lacy beauty is knit with Harmony needles, which means I do not risk taking them on board. And since I would go nuts on a 12-hour flight and since Silvia gave me 3 amazingly soft skeins of new yarn from Grignasco I cast on on bamboo needles for Lily of the Valley Scarf from the same book:


There are lots of nupps in this scarf but I must say that I've gotten them right in my hand and it doesn't take any effort to do them. The scarf is 137 cm long.


Pattern: Lily of the Valley Scarf by Nancy Bush
Needles: 3,5 mm
Yarn: Grignasco Mousse (50% soya, 40% new wool, 10% silk; 185 mt for 50 gr)

I used just a tiny bit more that 2 skeins.

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tarbini said...

I saw your scarf potographed by AliceTwain: it is beautifull! And I think that the Grignasco's Mousse is the right yarn for this work!