Sunday, December 23, 2007

Annimanni`s warm winter

Annimanni warm winter
May I present - Anita, the latest recipent of my creations and a little joy to mommy, daddy and me (what a talkative cudly baby she is). I do not have many baby girls around lately, but if I have just one, I`m happy. And today I`m especially happy of this set I managed to finish to keep little Anita warm for the winter holidays. Unfortunately the measurements I had for 1 year old, fit Anita who is only 7 months old. I suspect that either Anita is really huge for her age (doubtful) or the standardized measurements don`t make a good clue of what one really ought to knit. Anyways, right after holidays I hope to finish writing the pattern and post it here. I`m not sure yet, whether it will be my first attempt to make it paid or maybe a another free one. Have to reflect on it.

Annimanni warm winter

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Lois said...

extremely adoreble for words!