Thursday, December 06, 2007

One down (nearly) 4 more to go.

Remember yesterday's post?
Well I finished the hat and ripped the mitt. Hat with a wide brim this time, I used the white merino wool from Puglia I made the Inspiration aka first BSJ with, and leftover yarn from mitts. Designing this I had a very clear idea of what I wanted - a strong, big folding brim, two earthly colors and something my lovely grandmother in her 80+ years could wear daily yet provide a lady-like feel, something that she could wear with -20 degrees C and still have wide brim!

Granny's hat

More pictures here!

Needles 5,5 mm and 4,5 mm circulars
Yarn: Argentinian handspun (natural brown, about 40 grams) and natural white merino wool from Puglia (about 50grams)
Pattern: mine

If you are interested knitting this type of a hat, leave me a note and I'll write the pattern down.


caska said...

che carino!!! ti è venuto benissimo

Susan said...

You are crazy... and wonderful. Good luck finishing it all!

Anonymous said...

che bello! mi interessa sì, :-D

Ing. said...

Scrivero' il pattern durante il mio volo intercontinentale. Volevo sapere se in inglese va bene?

Sharon said...

i love this hat would love the pattern

Zaz said...

oh wow, lovely! i'd love this pattern too

Sue said...

Please please post the pattern.. Id love to knit this for a child too . Would look gorgeous.

Ing. said...

The pattern is up! :)