Friday, January 04, 2008


These mittens are not the very first FOs of the 2008, I managed to finish a pair of baby mitts beforehand, but I won't present them without a decent picture, so there Faux Roositud have the honor to be very first ones presented on 2008.
faux roositud ,

Why are they Faux, one may ask. Quite simple, roositud inlay is supposed to be done with just a single thread, but I used it double, otherwise I would have had to go down on needle size and there simply wasn't much to go down to. But I already bought 1,5 mm dpns, so soon I want to go for another attempt.

yarn - simple estonian homespun, no idea who made it though, approximately 80-90 grams.
pattern - my own.
needles - for cuff 2mm, else done with 2,5 mm.

Faux roositud


Ketutar said...

Hmm... Nancy Bush says in Folk Knitting in Estonia: "Use double or (my preference) thicker yarn for the inlay pattern".
As far as I understand, it's not the yarn that makes "roositud" but the technique. Use any yarn, double, triple, quadruple or foreyarn, or ribbon, what ever rocks your boat, but if you twine the yarn around the stitches while you knit, there's nothing faux in rose-inlay.

Ing. said...

Honestly I've never seen double yarn used for roositud patterns, I also didn't use the correct technique for these mittens, so I still would say they are faux :)