Friday, February 01, 2008

I've bought a lot of yarn lately. I've got even more in my Ravelry queue - 52. I have some yarn arriving soon. And I have made promises to myself and to my daughter.
I am way over my head in projects I need or want to finish or start. So I thought I'd make a list in the order of importance.

  1. Mimosa shawl from Big Girl Knits - I have 26 days
  2. Hat war hat(s) - starts on 9th February
  3. Elefante nr 1 to be finished in 26 days (nearly done)
  4. Ecquinox pullover - needs to be sewn up and some ends still are not darned.
  5. Write down a pattern that has been waiting for awhile
  6. I promised a new pullover/cardigan for my daughter already last year
  7. I frogged my Artistic - I need to plan better, change the motif a little and start over.
  8. Salina for me
  9. Wall ornaments using Estonian traditional mitten patterns and 1.5 mm needles
  10. Design from Rowan Tapestry
  11. Design something elegant and sexy from BBB Meriseta
  12. I have material for at least 4 lace shawls - I want to knit at least 2 shawls this year, one will be Mystery Shawl 4. Lace yarns I already have are: Kaalund Echante', TitanWool Merinos Extra, Canetta Super Zephyr, Merino Lace. And I have some Jaggerspun Zephyr 2/18 arriving.
  13. Finish a baby blankie from random stitch patterns - it doesn't have recipent, so there is a lot of time with it.
I'm pretty sure, I've forgotten something...

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alt.ayu said...

is your elefante the one by susan anderson? I can't wait to see it! it's on my q as well and I might make a little one :P