Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mimosa Odysseia Final

I wanted to follow the process of this huge shawl on the blog, but the darned cord that transfers photos from my camera to my laptop was missing and turned out just today... from my husbands backbag... I have a stinky feeling that this may be the result of my quick clean-ups at my home, when I stuff things in the less likely places all around the house without giving it a second thought. Ah well, at least it was safe traveling forth and back between home and office.
As a result here follow pictured process from day 1 to day 20:

Mimosa Phase 1 - cast on
02.02 I managed to cast-on twice. That wasn't nice because 599 stitches is not nice to CO again. Not to mention that I figured my Moebius mistake out after near 5 rows - that is nearly one and half ball of yarn. And then count and count and re-count countless times. Believe me you do not want to err with that many sts on your needles.
Mimosa 2
05.02 This where the expected setback happened. I ran out of beads. I had to wait until 13th of February to get the beads (I'll write a separate post about that specific bead shop).
Valentine's Day special Mimosa report
14.02 I just got the beads the day before and decided to spread out the shawl on 3 circulars to see how wide it was going to be. Obviously it was going to be wide (that measuring tape is 150 cm / 60 inches long).
Lilac Mimosa - knitting wounded
16.02 I've injured my left hand index finger. I have a small cut that often occurs when one is knitting a lot with drying hands. If you didn't know - knitting dries hands quite a deal.
Lilac Mimosa - knitting pal
Luckily my daughter takes care of me and offered one of her band-aids to help me through my injury.
Lilac Mimosa - 3/4 done
18.02 The wrap is 3/4 done, it goes much faster to knit a row, but I've been making silly mistakes, like decreasing too much or too little, or knitting into the stitch below (often happens when knitting on high speed and in stockinette stitch), I've had to rip back 10 cm (4 inches) once but usually my good friend crochet hook helps me out.
Lilac Mimosa - fresh off the needles
20.02 Fresh off the needles. Washing and darning in the ends are ahead.
Lilac Mimosa - darning ends
I'm darning. I only had 22 ends. Until I decided to split the yarn and it became 44. But I got through it pretty fast.
Lilac Mimosa - blocking
The shawl is blocking. And it became even bigger (I have a king size bed). And then I remembered. Merino stretches - A LOT!!! So from 22 sts per 4 inches / 10 cm it fell down to 19 sts
Lilac Mimosa - size
Here it is, on the ground with two 60 inch / 150 cm measuring tapes close by to show the size.
Lilac Mimosa glass beads
I used app. 1200 Toho Craft square beads - they are gold lined and it gives them a darker color than they really have.
Lilac Mimosa - detail
This is a closeup of the central part here panels come together.

And the last shot:
Lilac Mimosa

Yarn: 11 balls of Sublime Yarns Cashmere Merino Silk DK (75% extrafine merino, 20% silk, 5% cashmere; 127 yrd/116 m for 50 gr ball)
Needle: 4.5 mm
Pattern: Mimosa by Sivia Harding from Big Girl Knits
Extra: 1200 Toho Craft square beads, color 39

I used less beads: didn't insert beads in the diamonds and didn't put them on the edges as well.


Tullia said...

Just very beautiful!

alt.ayu said...

It's so beautiful in pictures and in person! (thank you for giving us the opportunity to 'meet'! :P) I love the drape too~

auntyk said...

Gorgeous!!! wow! Thank you for posting. Keep it up!

Vik said...

Congratulations! Excellent job!

PippaW said...

Oddio ma è uno spettacolo!! :-O STUPENDO!!!

choice_spirit said...

It turned out beautifully!

I was wondering though if you found any other mistakes in the pattern besides the one on the chart...

somewhere along the line I lost a stitch, and all the counting in the world has not found it or any mistakes on my part..... but one of the diamonds was off by one stitch, so I ended up frogging the whole thing because I couldn't find the mistake.