Monday, June 12, 2006

Never come home empty-handed

From WWKIP gathering in Tallinnn, I had to leave rather early to go to a small Southern Estonian town called Viljandi. The town was having a Hanseatic Days festival so I wanted to check out the handicraft fair. I met an old aquiantance, who surprise-surprise had taken on handicrafts for a living. It seems just a few years ago, when she was a graduate from law staying home with children and saying that she got a job in designing furniture. Life is weird, isn't it?
Of course I couldn't leave without buying some yarn. The nice merry girls at the yarn booth.. and... and.. and... oh I don't know what made me buy it, I've made tons of promises not to, but I bought SteinbachWolle Capri Ombrè and some extra Katia Jamaica for a project in mind, which hopefully will turn out to be my first pattern... or a messy pile in the corner of the closet.
Anyways, I got the yarn straight away on needles, and the Pink Dream was this far in the early hours of the morning.

Since in one Estonian handicraft forum people are thinking about organizing a little Christmas-gift exchange action, I think I did a good thing purchasing following books:

These are Estonian mittens' patternbook, upper ones are also in English, with written instructions and schematics, bottom one is a black-and-white thin booklet of patterns. The cutouts are from the books on top.

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