Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Yarn Shops in Milano

Allrighty, AnnaK, these are the shops I have visited:
Canetta (Shops of the magazine Mani di Fata) - You can find amazing quality yarn there, but no fun-fancy-special yarns. But the quality is amazing, the softness of most yarns and they have wide selection of colors in back-room, so don't hesitate to ask. The only shop where I know the sales lady DOES speak English is conveniently in the very historic center on via Dante (The street that leads from Duomo to the Castle Sforza) - Via Dante 2. On the window they have baby clothes and embroidered stuff, laces... so check in, they don't keep yarn on the window usually. And they have good choice of magazines and design sheets. Shops of Canetta are located:
The magazine of Mani di Fata is my favourite, because they have very sexy-modern knit designs, it is not entirely knitting magazine, for it also has laces, embroidery, crocheting designs in it.

Okay there are 2 more I know in the central area, both of them I have been unfortunate to just pass by (for instance at lunchtime they are closed).
One is in near Corso Buenos Aires (anyways a must when visiting MIlano, for it is a big shopping street, huge I'd say) - It is called La Bottega della Lana (The Wool Shop) - address Via Pergolesi 1 (from Monday to Sturday 9:30-12:30 and 15:30 til 19:30, closed Sunday and Monday morning), near Red Line tube stop Loreto. When walking on Corso Buenos Aires, coming from the tube stop, walk on right side of the street and it is on your right. Just a few step after the shop is also a great icecream shop. SO if it is hot outside and you are hot-headed about yarn - icecream will cool you down.

I just recently discovered another promising yarn-store in the area of the Central Railstation (Stazione Centrale), I have not visited it, for I have been unluckywith the time again (I passed by with bike one Sunday).
Nera Toffoli Idee & Filati - Pay attention, they also sell underwear next door so their windows are rather crowded. You can find them from Piazza San Materno 16, corner of Via Accademia. Closest tube stop on Red Line (Linea Rossa or Line nr 1) is Pasteur, just one stop after Loreto. Again remember, they close for lunch - from around 12 to 15.

That's it folks, 2 others are so out of center, that I know their location but since I have no car I haven't tried looking them up.

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Typesetter said...

I work in via Pergolesi so I shop quite often at Bottega della Lana (and eat the icecream too; between the two there is now a very decent, cheap, tiny Turkish restaurant YAY!). The other shop is brand new to me, I don't even know where piazza san Materno is, but I will serach it!
ANother place I usually shop is Lanar, in via Nino Bixio (right off the circonvallazione). Thye have a limited range of yarns they produce tehmselves, but some of those yarns are excellent (wool and silk blends in mice solid colors), and their sport yarn at 1.16 euro per 50 grams ball (or 16.50 euro the 500 grams skein) is unbeatable!