Monday, June 26, 2006

Shortest nights of the year

It is the time of the shortest nights of the year, the sun sets close to 11 PM and rises around 4 AM, and it never gets entirely dark.
On the shortest night the sun sets at 22:34 and raises at 4:05 and then we celebrate it with building big fires all around the country, it keeps away bad spirits and jumping over it brings luck. It is our Midsummer's Eve.

This year I went to visit my great-aunt in Southern Estonia and this gives me a chance to introduce some of my greatgrandmothers needlework. She was a very talented embroiderer, coming up with her own ideas and doing needlework until she was in her eighties and couldn't continue for her eyes and hands were poor. Here is a selection of her stitched work, she also did a lot crocheting, all the soviet time dull towels have very elaborate crocheted laces attached. I don't remember her knitting, but I think she did it as well - just to dress the family. I think my handicraft interest comes from that line of family, I am just slightly sad that when she was still with us I was young and hot headed and wasn't interested much. I could use her advice now every so often.

My great-aunt gave me some really brightly colored 100% wool from old times and since I had a lot of time on my hands I nearly finished the Kiri shawl. Yeay!

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sonja poor said...

Thank you for sharing pictures of your Great Aunt's needlework. It is lovely. What beautiful handwork.