Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Okay, another gross mistake: Remeber, Ing., YOU still have waist!!! Some don't, but you do! So start knitting like it. Are people square? Not most of them. Are you square? Sure not.
People who claim their bust is 34'', maybe have a very bad measuring tape because otherwise how is it possible that, Ing. who has 36 '' around the boobs feels like in a sack in a pattern created for 34'' (using the same yarn! and the gauge measures out the same: 20 sts per 4 inches). Can someone explain that? (I did try it on several times, but the circular needles didn't help in showing the mistakes.) Anyways, I've marked the decrease-increase area, hope to finish it to tomorrow and have some nice pictures next week (for I am away this weekend in the South).
Here is my square:

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AnnaK said...

I'm visiting Milan in a very near future and have been looking around for information on local yarn shops. Could you perhaps recommend some place?