Tuesday, May 23, 2006

London Yarn stores

In my estonian blog Mia asked where she could find yarn stores in London, during my stay I discovered these places:
1. John Lewis (Oxford Street) and Peter Jones (Sloane Square) - In John Lewis selection is much bigger, as well as all other items of haberdashery, lately the section moved to 4th floor.
2. Loop - 41 Cross Street, Islington, closest underground stop is Angel (on Northern Line - black one). It is a very very very lovely boutique.
3. Teasels Yarncrafts - 842 High Road, Leyton. Closest underground stop is Leyton (Central line - red). Minus is that for a tourist this is very out from the central.
4. Liberty - Regent Street (between Piccadilly and Oxford Circus), 3rd floor. Good selection of English yarns. Good service when you look wealthy. Cold service when you don't look so wealthy. Brm... I won't start wearing makeup or a costume to go yarn-shopping.
5. FTM Shop (Fashion and Textile Museum) . English yarns. Bermondsey street 83, closest underground stop is London Bridge (Northern Line).
6. Infusion - 3 Chepstow Road, Notting Hill
7. I just heard that in June 2006, two knitting group friends are opening a new yarn shop in Putney - Stash Yarns. Those two women were tired of ordering the yarns from overseas and wanted to create a place where one can find "world's most beautiful yarns" - their adventures in opening the shop are described in knitaround blog. I will go next time in Lodnon for sure. They say they're going to sell Koigu yarn. One reason I have to buy it is very simple, Kersti is from Estonia!!! Brm, I am from Estonia (if i haven't written it before)
8. Bunty Wool - It is far from center and worth a visit when youa re anyways around. It is rather packed of stuff and you cannot see all, just ask the indian looking guy and he will help you, even order you the wool if you wish to. Daniel Department Store, 132 UXbridge Road, closest underground station Ealing Broadway (Piccadilly line - blue)
9. Wools and Crafts - again out of center, but rather close to the underground station Finsbury Park (Victoria line - light blue), 169 Blackstock Road.

That's it folks. Actually I do know some others, but they are very far from those who don't have their own car and some are in the parts of the city where I do not advise to go without a local.

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