Friday, May 05, 2006


Since I have nothing new to present, I'll give you a glimpse of what is happening.
First: I am knitting a summery cotton cardigan from Debbie Bliss Cathay. Since I used a pattern of different sort of yarn I've had to recalculate all, back and front pieces were easy, now I am knitting and frogging and knitting the first sleeve, for I haven't been able to work out a satisfying pattern yet. I am not very sure about the future of this cardigan. You know, in the magazines the models always have perfect sized bust - not big and yet not too small. And I am much more blessed with size, so I always have to worry whether the item being knit suits me. It seems this time it doesn't. So most likely I'll frog it and work out a design of my own.
But oh, the yarn is adorable, so soft, such a texture, perfect color...

I also discovered that I had bought nicely colored yarn for socks. Time to knit it for I have a new load of yarn coming from website soon. (Update: I skeined it... and started knitting a little, it's tooo harsh :(, how can I make 100% wool feel softer, does washing help?)

I also recieved's yarn catalogue, and I would like to order one yarn from them, but I already have had bad experiences with overseas ordering - the 70dollar pack is on the way for the last 5 months so I have no hope of ever receiveing it.

And a new experience:
I bought my first bamboo needles (though I like alumium the best - haven't had many to try yet) mainly because I would like to knit a Haapsalu scarf (picture) and it requires very light needles, aluminium ones are too heavy. Some examples of most famous works: Haapsalu scarf "Silvia" for the Queen Silvia of Sweden, "Greta Garbo" made in 1936 for her, "Crownprince" - this pattern was created in 1932 for the crownprince of Sweden. I have already two books of lace patterns set ready.
But: bamboo needles are not slippery enough for me, so to move the stitches on the needles you have to use force or knit very loosely (which leaves an uneven result). But I am trying to learn to handle bamboo needles. I do like it, that they are light, and maybe for future projects with laceweight or smaller DK yarn I'll buy more of them. Right now I am not very impressed.

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