Sunday, May 28, 2006


Kiri's length measured from the middle is now around 60 cm (meaning another 30 cm to go), I have knit 18 pattern repeats and it's getting worse. I have already nearly 400 loops on the needles, and it is going to be over 600. I haven't been knitting Kiri much for the past days, due to another project and also because the woollen yarn is hurting my index finger, I have to find a solution. I have 1 week to finish. And from that I am out of town for 4 days. Yeay! (Irony)
Debbie Bliss Cathay has found a new meaning and is being knit up to a summer top. I have reconditioned it all and skeined 2 x 50 gr, I have still a lot to skein. (Without a machine using a roll of carton it is pretty time-taking event.)

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