Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Flash Your Stash: Yarn Pr0n

Update: My camera self-repaired this night and now functions again, therefore some missing pictures are added. I told you it does it.
So, I'm a little late, the real prongorayhp (had to mix up the letters) as we all know was done last year on April 1st, but back then I didn't have much to flash. I've been a busy little bee though and bought a lot this year. And I cannot wait until 1st of April to see whether it will be organized again.

Winter yarns

Estonian yarn - some colored by myself, some are mixed with dog hair, most are very old (at least 10 years) and my Estonian Stocking :). Subtotal: 2860 grams

Southern American 100% merino handspun, handdyed yarn perfect for felting, with amazing colors. Subtotal: 400 gr.
Finnish yarns from Novita. I had an idea to make a sweater for my daughter, she didn't like the colors so they are waiting for someone :) next winter maybe. I got some babies coming around in the next few months. Novita Neliraita (100% wool) and Novita Bambino (100% wool). Subtotal: 380 gr

Vintage yarn. Schaffhauser Wolle Laine de Schaffhouse "Allround" (100% merino) light blue (which I've used quite a lot in mitts and socks) and yellow (that I use to try out new patterns). Subtotal: 280 grams.

Some nice stripy baby-yarn for a tiny summerish sweater for Mari's funky baby! Mari do you like it? I'm gonna knit it soon! GRM Filati Super Baby (100% virgin wool). Subtotal: 150 grams.

GRM Filati Norvegia. 100% wool again. It's actual color is dark egplant color, and it's gonna be a hat probably. Cabled probably. I don't know yet, it was on sale. Subtotal: 150 grams (one skein is missing from my stash! Edit 14.03.2007: Found it!)

Mohair. Vintage. Jaeger Softy Mohair (70% mohair, 30% acrylic). 115 gr. Jaeger Fine Mohair (70% mohair, 30% wool). 265 gr. Subtotal: 380 gr.

Lace yarn. I got this bagful for some 10€ a year and half ago from Canetta store. Super Zephir - it's an amazing cobweb weight yarn, 100% virgin wool, merino I guess. And I haven't seen it anymore. I have 315 grams. (And I've knit with it 2 lace shawls)
I have some odds and ends of Baruffa Merino's Otto, BBB Full and Lane Borgosesia Via Veneto, which have already turned into 2 scarfs and one hat for two young ladies and the last hat is waiting to be finished. But I'm not in hurry, for winter is already far :) Subtotal: 200 gr. Oh and in the corner of that bag are some woollen embroidery yarns. 45 grams.

(I hope Typesetter or Sirkus will sponsor me this Saturady with one picture of my... Edit: my camera self-repaired) Titan wool Winner (100% Merinos) many skeins and half done yoke-pullover which I currently own 700 grams.

And I also bought few weeks ago amazingly soft and amazingly cheap 100% merino yarn from a yarn shop on my street... :| oops, yes I found one on my road... this is going to be my doom... I have 400 grams and it costs some €3 per 200 grams.

And last but not least of collection of nice woollish yarns: 15 skeins of Koigu KPM and KPPPM. Subtotal: 750 grams.

TOTAL for winter yarns: 7010 grams

Summer yarns

Sesia Tratto. 10 balls. 50% cotton, 50% viscose. I had an idea and a scheme and calculations. But I've misplaced them. Subtotal: 500 grams.

Katia Jamaica. Very very very nice 100% cotton. Love, love, love the colors. Subtotal: 400 grams.

13.03.2007: My camera just decided that he has had enough of the flashing and doesn't cooperate anymore. If it doesn't selfrepair (like it has done some 3-4 times before) and I cannot find photos of the yarns from my archives, you'll have to do without :( It's back!

I have 7 skeins of Cotone Cable 5 yarn I used in my first project from Mani di Fata. I bought some extra colors (light pink, white, apple green) and have used it for some unfinished crochet items. Subtotal: 260 grams

I also have some vintage cotton yarns I got from my mother-in-law. They are made for knitting, needles around 3-4 mm and that's all I know for the labels were long gone whan I got my hands on them. Subtotal about: 250 grams

I also have some Debbie Bliss Cathay. 260 grams plus I want to rip this, so I'll have more than half a chilo.

I have some bamboo yarn as well, Ornaghi filati Bamboo (really pink). I have mmm.... 6 skeins, that makes the subtotal: 300 grams. Why the hell did I buy it, I don't like the pink that much.

TOTAL for summer yarns: 1970 grams.

And that's it? Oh no, girls, we're not over yet. A hint: why do you think I called my blog Odds and Ends? Because I have a truckload of odd-end-yarns. Most from projects completed. But not all.
(Clicking on the photo will take you to the photo on Flickr with comments)
This is my collection of fancy yarns. To add in... or maybe one day, just one day I manage to push myself far enough to start freeform crocheting. Until then I collect them. So what do I have in this pile?
Alvita Frou Frou - 50 grams
OnLine Linie 171 Shari - 100 grams
Alize Florida - 100 grams
Alize London - 50 grams
G-B Wolle Punk - 50 grams
Alize Santana - 50 grams
Emmebi Cortina - 50 grams
Tropical Lane Princhellino - 50 grams
OnLine Linie 197 Zara - 50 grams
Silke Nebbia - 50 grams
G-B Wolle Gloria - 50 grams
Subtotal: 650 grams

And these are not so fancy yarns, mainly ribbon-cord-types. Again one day they'll be freeform.
Sesia Spice - 400 grams
2 skeins unknown cotton yarn - 100 grams
2 10 gram skeins of silvery cord, about 40 meters - 20 grams
Emmebi Ibisco - 300 grams
Sesia Merlino - 150 grams
G-B Wolle Mosaik - 100 grams
Subtotal: 1170 grams

And finally, all the bits and pieces of those fine skeins I've used for my projects. Many of these I have no idea what type of yarns they are, for some are from way back... 7-8 years. And those I have: 1540 grams

Then I have some 120 grams of Phildar Legende. Very nice yarn. And I just remembered I have not shown you the project with this yarn.

I've also got an unkown quality laceweight yarn I got ripping out a very nice 1960ies cardigan. And it will be a lace scarf one day. Until then you just have to be happy to know, I've got 150 grams of it :)

And the Total for odds and ends is: 3630 grams

Which makes the grand total 12 chilos and 610 grams.

Here is an entire list of all the yarns I have/have had (this is for my own records):

Alvita Frou Frou
OnLine Shari
Alize Florida
Alize London
G-B Wolle Punk
Alize Santana
Emmebi Cortina
Tropical Lane Princhellino
OnLine Zara
Silke Nebbia
G-B Wolle Gloria
Arvita Merino
Baruffa Merinos Otto
BBB Full
BBB Kid Mohair
Canetta Cotone Cable 5
Canetta Futura
Canetta Super Zephir
Cigno Nero Samos
Debbie Bliss baby Cashmerino
Debbie Bliss Cathay
Elotroi Liisu
Evilla wool
Filatura di Crosa Zara
GRM Filati Norvegia
GRM Filati Super Baby
Il Bottegone Pura Lana Vergine
Jaeger Baby Marino
Jaeger Fine Mohair
Jaeger Softy Mohair
Katia Jamaica
Katia Twist
Lane Borgosesia Via Veneto
Mondial Folk
Novita 7 Veljesta Jätiraita
Novita Aino
Novita Bambino
Novita Isoveli
Novita Nalle Colori
Onlinie Java
OnLinie Shari
Ornaghi Alicante
Ornaghi Bamboo
Ornaghi Real Baby
Phildar Legende
Schaffhauser Wolle Allround
Schoeller+Stahl Limbo Mexiko
Sesia Mistral
Sesia Spice
Emmebi Ibisco
Sesia Merlino
G-B Wolle Mosaik
Sesia Tratto
Silke Hobbit
Steinbach Wolle Capri Ombré
Strumpf und Sportwolle Match
Titan Wool Winner


Anonymous said...

Do you have any Sesia Mistral Baby yarn, colour 451?

Vanessa Fasanella said...

Where did you buy your Sesia? I am looking for more of a certain Sesia (not the ones you have listed), but since i got my last skein online, I can't find another. Please advise.