Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Quick knit lace

A very quick pattern I got from co-authored Motivi a Maglia (all knitty Italians unite!) blog. I bought some yarn a long time (ha, maybe a year) ago for a pair of stockings from Vogue Knitting, but it wasn't good enough to be knit in black and white (black ate all the bright color) so I had one skein of white and two black. White turned into a relax-knit between many other bigger projects, for it really didn't need much attention, the pattern is very simple, yet effective. the yarn is really a miracally soft, very fine though, so if you want to knit more than lace, make it a double.
Yarn: Ornaghi filati "Real Baby" (100% pure new wool, 50 gr = 280 mt)
Needles: 2,75 mm
Pattern: Typesetter's green scarf
Length/width/weight: 117 cm/16 cm, 43 gr

Now What shall I do with 2 skeins of black?


Typesetter said...

Isn't that stitch positively fun to knit? Almost mindless knitting: just not mindless enough to get boring, but not too hard that you can't do it watching a good movie (the kind you need to follow).

Ing. said...

It was so fun, that one night I stayed up until 4 AM always thinking, just one more row and then I'll go to bed ;)