Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Finish is near. 6th day

The hip-apron is nearly done. We had a weekend get-away to Tioman island in Malaysia and I didn't stitch a single stitch those days so I've reached the 6th Day:
Halliste hip-apron day 6
I'll fill in the caps and attach the fringe tonight (I hope) and can consider it wearable (it should be embroidered from both ends, but I simply have no time). Actually I am not too sure it ever will be done from both sides, since my knuckles really hurt me. I do embroider a lot in one day: 4-5 hours, but not continuously.... if I will ever complete it, I promise it won't be more than 1 hr per day of embroidery.

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PippaW said...

Che meraviglia, stupendo!