Friday, March 14, 2008

Stash flash 2008

As a method of self-control in buying new yarns (hahahahahahahaha) I recorded all skeins I have at home at this moment.

I have cleverly hidden my stash here:
Find my treasure!

I have a total of app. 10 kilos of yarn and the full list can be found here.
My stash in the bed

This is just the stash inside my bed. I also have a basket in the living-room and that is the camouflage stash - if my significant other would ever realize I have yarn in other places as well, he would so go berserk. Luckily he seems to have forgotten that you can open the bed, and would most probably fail to open it without first giving up.

Livingroom camouflage stash
This is my stash in the living room - leftovers of latest FOs, materials for current projects or wool for swatching when I find nice stitch patterns.

So what are you hiding and where?


Mary said...

WOW! I'm impressed! One of these years, I'd like to sit down and do a stash spreadsheet--or not!

bluey said...

the bed is really of a good use ;)

My stash r all kept in the drawer. Luckily still manage to have some place for them :0)

Alessia said...

WOW... that's amazing!

Aim said...

Never saw a bed like that! Great place for stashing :)