Sunday, March 16, 2008

Project - folk costume for a child

I'm making a folk costume from Estonia for my daughter for the school's Culutral Celebrations day. I chose clothes from Halliste region in Estonia.
I'm cheating a little, first because a six year-old shouldn't have a hip-apron (it is usually introduced in the clothing of a young girl in teenager years, more or less at the confirmation day), I have to use techniques that are somewhat different from original (the headband for instance is not made by the the exact traditional techinique, but has the right pattern and colors) and I cannot dress her in wool - for instance the stockings and skirt should be woolen. But I would like her Cultural Day costume to include as many as possible of items from Halliste (a village in Estonia) - I chose this costume because of its simplicity and because of the materials I could get my hands on.
I have already finished the tasseled headband:
tasseled headband

and thanks to my mother for sending me the wool (and one silk) embroidery yarns on such a quick notice:
Embroidery yarns
I got started on the hip-apron embroidery:
Halliste hip-apron - day 1
This has about 2 hours of work in back stitch - I'm not a very fast stitcher, but I'll post pictures of my progress here shortly again. This is one of the limited time projects again - I have until 27th of March.


Anonymous said...

väga põnev projekt käsil :)


Anonymous said...

where did you get information to do this?

Ing. said...

Mainly from a book I own about Estonian folk costumes (in Estonian) and then web. Took a lot of researching.