Friday, March 28, 2008

Halliste Girl - Folk Costume

Halliste girl folk costume
It's done! (nearly). I got the set ready just in time.
Halliste hip-apron - done (for now)
The apron is still not quite "full" - it is supposed to have a very crowded embroidery. But I'll do it one of these weeks - I still have the other side to do anyways. The motifs on the apron are very old - they represent crosses, roses, cart wheels, sun and arborvitae.


collinevan said...

What a great make! As a costume buff, I have to wonder what it's for??? I've seen a lot of folk dancing groups perform close to where I live and this is some pretty authentic stuff!

Mannike said...

How beautiful! Halliste folk costume is my favotite costume in Estonia and not only because this is the oldest traditional costume. But my respect because I never thought to do this all by my self.
And for you: this is not important how authentic this is, important is idea.

Kessa said...

Pardon my ignorance, but is "Halliste" an Estonian cultural group? The pretty embroidery looks really attractive, especially in all those pretty colours against the white background! :D

Ing. said...
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Ing. said...

Hi all,
Collinevan: the costume is for my daughter's Cultural Celebrations Day at school. Also for other occasions that she might have to put on an Estonian folk costume.

Mannike: thank you for your compliments. Believe me - it actually is lot less time-consuming and lot more fun (and easy) to do than one would think beforehand.

Kessa: Halliste is a small village-region in Estonia. I cannot call this costume Estonian traditional costume, since that wouldn't be fair - because In Estonia every larger village (and smaller ones surrounding it) has their own very distinctive costume - the total count of distinctive folk costumes is around 100. This costume though is one of the most ancient ones, when other regions were quick to pick up new techniques, colors and styles from other countries as well as from other local villages - Halliste's people were the most traditional minded - their costumes didn't change much throughout the centuries.

Anonymous said...

Che meraviglia, Ing! Bravissima!
Tanti saluti da Amburgo