Saturday, February 25, 2006

Home Coming

After three weeks of living in London, I finally got to come home to Milano for a while. I've done quite a lot during the last weeks, due to home arest brought on by severe cold in the family. And of course I forgot the pictures to London, but here follows a shortlist:
  • one pair of black men's gloves and matching Finnish style (pibo) hat with earlaps to be worn under biking helmet. Hereby I also give my appreciation to Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino - so far the cosiest yarn I've knit (remeber, my active knitting life started just half a year ago). In London you can find it in John Lewis and Peter Jones, one 50gr skein costs £2,40 - ouch!
  • My Clapotis got matching gloves, one of which I managed to loose on the way to airport. S***s.
  • I am finishing Knitty Leftovers vest and hoping to do it today.
  • I am also working on a great springy pullover with embroidered flowers, but it seems I gotta start all over again. I made a huge mistake, by blocking it wrong, I should have first laid out and blocked the back piece and then spritz it, instead I soaked it. Damn, I have a merino wool, now it is clearly too long. 4 centimeters over the measures written in pattern. Luckily I've blocked only one part.
I haven't been able to look aruond a lot in London, so I've seen only the big department store haberdashery sections (Liberty, John Lewis, Peter Jones). The first impression is really bad. Selections of yarn repeat from store to store, colors are too dull for my taste and Rowan and Jaeger designs are just... too usual, too old. Not to mention the price.