Monday, November 19, 2007

Marabou Beret

My Bainbridge Scarf needed a hat and I am in the mood of berets. I googled and "raveled" but couldn't find one I really like. Plus I wanted to continue the Broken Rib theme, so in the end I had to come up with my own design, which turned out to be quite fun and I learned a lot. I have just finished writing it down and you can download for free from here (.pdf file). Se qualcuno e' interessata lo posso scrivere anche in italiano. Lasciate mi un commento.
The beret has nothing to do with the Marabou Stark but has a lot to do with the Swedish nut chocolate Marabou. Believe me, designing might become quite a fattening process, if you have to frog a lot and the only thing helping you avoid stress and depression is a chocolate bar ;)
Yarn: Schoeller+Stahl 100% Merino - brown and gray
Needles: 3,5 mm
Pattern: my own

Update 20.02.2008: Link to the pattern was broken, I changed it so now you can download the pattern without any problems.

Thursday, November 08, 2007


I'm on the scarf-hat-mitten mode right now - like every autumn, even though this year I have 30 degrees Celcius outside and not 13 or 3 (Italy/Estonia). As soon as Christmas is over I start knitting other things, but until you gotta bear with my Christmas gifts.
So this time I present you Bainbridge Scarf. It is a very easy knit, you basically cast-on, knit in round, cast-off, knit two ribbons and then say... ?!?!?!?! buh... Then you open the .pdf again and step in front of mirror and practice putting it on. Simple as that. Takes a few times though before it becomes your absolute favourite. Like in my case.
Bain Bridge Scarf
Needle: 3,5 mm
Pattern: Bainbridge Scarf
Yarn: Schoeller+Stahl Merino Soft (100% merino)

Bain Bridge Scarf

Maybe a hat now? A Beret? Ravelry.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Old Debt

When I was in Italy still packing when I dug out a vest from my closet, completely forgotten :(. The only reason for that - I don't have a white long sleeved shirt. When I saw the Leftovers vest in I had a sudden urge to knit it. And I was very sure I wanted to knit it from the same yarn, because I saw some really yummy photos on Alison Hansel's blog. But unfortunately already back then (winter 2005-2006) the yarn was discontinued and not available for the European knitter. After countless searches I finally found a Dutch yarn shop without a website but luckily with an e-mail address who had still some leftovers and some corrispondence with the kind shop-owner lead to my order. It took 1 month of agonizing wait, I already had had my fingers burnt with Poste Italiane. I finally got it, and within next two days I had my result:
leftovers vest
Phildar Legende Tweed Alpaca is a very nice yarn: interesting texture, nice soft and beautiful colors. It is 48% wool. 41% acrylic, 9% alpaca and 2% of rayon. It has 125yd/115m for 50g. I knit the vest with 4,5mm needles.