Monday, August 09, 2010

I'm closing this shop!

Hi to all my dear readers

There are some changes due here!
I've spent a good part of this year in a small village in Southern Italy with no internet connection at home and all my internet activity has gone down to all-time low levels. I must say though that it has been a very liberating experience! Eventhough now I have a highspeed web connection I no longer want to spend hours a day sitting in front of a blinking screen.
So I've made changes: I've deleted nearly 125 blogs from my blogroll and left only the ones written by my actual acquaintances and friends, or people whose work is a daily inspiration; I've unsubscribed myself from nearly all mailinglists and frequent only a few forums; I've even de-friended many contacts with whom I've never had actual interaction either in real or virtual life. I've deleted my presence from several co-written blogs and am planning to retire from social networks.
It all serves one purpose - to limit my leisurly internet access to not more than half an hour a day.
You see, I'm moving to Abu Dhabi. I'm starting a university course. I will have to reattend driving school (to get an United Arab Emirates driving licence), once it is done I'll have to drive my family around. I want to write a book. I also want to knit again! And do more sports. And most of all, I want to have plenty of time with my children. They are growing up too fast for my taste.
So I need to cut back .
This is not a good-bye! I'm just relocating this blog and consolidating with the Estonian one. I've realised that having two blgs takes double the time, having one blog in two languages just takes a third more time.

From now on you'll find me here, so please relink me in your blogrolls and bookmark the other blog! Thank you so much and hopefully now that I actually am doing handicrafts again, I'll have something to post about.