Thursday, April 20, 2006

Summery cold feet

There is nothing more I detest than cold toes, yet I always have them, especially here on the marble floors, but i don't like knitting socks- because my ribbing looks horrible and lacey ankles require too much preplanning.
Nevertheless last September, while visiting Estonia I bought corgeously colored 100% wool yarn in order to knit a pair of feetwarmers. But I just didn't get to start them... until... I read an article on Knitty about toe-up socks, and of course I got excited. And tried out the traceless cast-on - it was easy so I had to continue until it was time to do the heel (I know well how to knit a heel for ankle-down socks... but toe-ups?), "Hell," I thought "if I am already learning new tricks I'll try new heels as well." And I surfed around and chose short row heels. I knitted them3 times always frogging again, for I didn't like the small holes they leave on the sides. I couldn't get rid of them so finally I just hid them with needle and stockinette stitch.
But I fell in love! And I've searched out other yarns for socks to begin with new ones (hahaha, Italian sumemr and woolly socks), but this is the first pair (with little picot ont he edge to make them more merry) and I'm hooked!

They fit perfectly!

Yarn: Schoeller Und Stahl Limbo Mexico.
Needles: 3,5 mm
Pattern: my own

For chilly summer nights I also made myself a mohair cardigan, pattern from Simply Knititng April 2006 issue where it was knit with double alpaca yarn.

Yarn: Jaeger Softy Mohair (70% mohair, 30% polyacryl),
Amount: ca 120 grams
Needles: 6 and 3,5 mm

Kknit in one piece, except for the ribbed edge.


Cath Hall said...

I have knitted samples of several heels, wrapped, short row, etc all quite holey....and found the following the simplest and the neatest. It is certainly SIMPLY NEAT

Try a "Double Stitch Short Row Heel"

It is the best heel EVER. Do a sample by casting on, say 60 stitches (a multiple of 6 is good), do a few rounds to get yourself going then just follow the is SOOOOO easy once you understand the "Wrong Side Double Stitch" and the "Right Side Double Stitch". You are clearly an experienced sock knitter, so you should have no problem.

You can even knit a toe using the same method.

Follow my formula for the simplest sock pattern ever

Cast on
Using the chain method and some waste wool cast 30 chain and pick up and knit 30 stitches

....follow the heel instructions EXCEPT when you get to "Continue working around the whole sock now....on page 3" Don't do this instead "Purl back along, purling double stitches together". When you have completed the toe unpick the waste wool and add stitches to the dp needles. Divide 30 on pin 1, 15 on pin 2 and 15 on pin 3.

Continue knitting in the round. (By the way, the toe and the heel measure approx 2 inches, just so you know how much to knit for the foot) until you get to the heel.

Follow the heel instructions until you finish.

Knit in the round until sock is right length and then knit some rib.

Cast Off
I cast off using "Elizabeth Zimmermann's cast off" at the bottom of this page

I can knit socks without a pattern now. Good luck. Cath Hall in Andover, UK

Moni said...

Interestting thoughts