Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Clapotis numero Due

My new Clapotis! Knit with stripy 100% cotton yarn to protect me from chilliness of Italian nights. It also seems that it will do for the mild winters.

Before unravelling ladders I measeured the length to be 145 cm, in the end it stretched 20 cm more. I am very attached to it already (after 2 days :P) - it feels silky on skin, I wore it one evening and yesterday during daytime and it is proven to be warming and eyecatching, not to mention that it matches the color of my favourite summer pants.

Yarn: Katia Jamaica (100% cotton), used ca 260 gr.
Needles: 3, 75 mm
Pattern: Clapotis

I think it took me 15 hours to complete, not even comparable of the first Clapotis, which I knit with 3 mm needles. The yarn is extremely soft for cotton (almost comparable with Debbie Bliss Cathay, which you know contains silk) and was a plaesure to knit. And the colorline is amazing! I have 2 more skeins (of app 200 gr), any ideas what I could do?


uhoava gnu said...

The Clapotis looks beautiful!
Maybe you can make a winter version with this Seitsemän Veljesä Jättiraita yarn :)

Ing. said...

Great idea, thank you!