Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Update! New Pictures

Actually these two projects were finished nearly a month ago, but I haven't been able to get really good pictures of them. And I don't think I will in the nearer future. So you have to do with these lousy pictures.
The KNIT that worried me the most, that made me swear the most and that I love the most.
I don't like you, Vogue knititng though, for the pictures for this project were obviously misleading.
And I think Norah Gaughan knits really tight, for I couldn't understand how she could get such short pentagon sides with 5,5 mm needles. I used 4,5 mm. The yarn is extremely similar to the one N.G used.
Anyways it was very obvious when I had knit around 5-6 pentagons that it's going to be huge! I didn't stop though thinking it would be OK when I get the second row and sleeves done. I nearly cried standing in front of the mirror seeing the big potato bag I had spent hours working on.
I threw it aside for 2 days, then picked it up and knit the collar, it didn't get much bigger - it was still floppy. What horrible holes under the arms - I really couldn't stand watching me move inside it. I then realized what this capecho meant. Thanks for the warning. It wasn't wearable. I had one and half ball of the yarn left and finally I decided to add another band to underarms and back. It worked, it was still too big from front but fit well from back, the bottom band pulls down the pentagons on the back fitting it better and closes the underarms which means no more floppy "ears". It's still slightly too big from the front, so I have to cross the hems well (added a button on the innser side of collar to keep the hems together). Closed with great-grandmothers silver pin - perfect. (nearly)
Yarn: Canetta Merino's Otto (100% meriino, 50 gr = 90 m)
Needles: 4,5 mm
Pattern: Nora Gaughan Capecho Vogue Knitting, Winter 2007

Photo thanks to Typesetter

Here I am surrounded by a mob of Italian knitters wanting to know how I made it. And me trying to explain not very well, I hadn't prepared. See the bottom band!


Anonymous said...

Mi piace molto il bolero che hai realizzato per tua figlia!
Come si chiama?
Quanti anni ha?
Il modello è una tua creazione oppure l'hai preso da qualche parte? Te lo chiedo perchè mi piacerebbe regalarne uno simile alla mia nipotina ...
Ciao ciao

Anonymous said...

Ing, it's exciting to find someone who has actually made this garment! The band around the bottom looks great.

I have a question. Do you mean the size was too large even once you got the correct gauge/tension?

I'm in Australia and knitting with dk which is a more common wool here than the slightly thicker yarns used most commonly in the US. My dk knits at 22sts to 10cm so I adjusted the gauge, used larger needles and went up a garment size.

The pentagon sides are the correct length according to the pattern for my size but now I'm wondering whether the garment will be too large after your experience. And whether I should just scale the size down using the regular needles.

I've only done the one pentagon so far. I plan to knit this in a range of autumn colours, different colours for each pentagon but a main colour for sleeves and collar. I also intend to extend the sleeves and add more pentagons to lengthen the body.


Ing. said...

Hi, Vicky!

Thanks you for your nice and long comment. I'll answer your questions here for I wasn't able to find a blog or an e-mail to answer to."Do you mean the size was too large even once you got the correct gauge/tension?" Yes, it was still too large, I got the correct tension and the correct side length, but yarns are different, the looseness/tightness of the stitches playes a huge role as well to how much the fabric is elastic. I used 4,5 mm needles, and cannot quite imagine how can she knit soooo tightly with 5,5 mm needles. My experience with Gaughan patterns shows that they are overwhelmingly frustrarious (you can never get it how she does) but very satisfactory once ready.
I guess the only way to find out is to try. DK yarns in my opinion are much more elastic than the one used in pattern, I wouldn't go up one garment size if I were you. And keep in mind, the gauge has to be quite tight to keep the pentagons nicely in shape. I wish you lot of patience working through this pattern. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Saw your Capecho on Ravelry. Congrats on finishing it -- looks great. I think you are one of the few people who have actually finished this project!