Sunday, June 03, 2007

Forecast done!

Tadaa! My Forecast is done.Actually it was done quite a while ago, I just didn't get to taking the pictures.
I like the design a lot and it was really fun to knit, which explains how it got ready in only 5 days.

And I did sew on the self-made buttons.

  • I didn't purl, I knit the garter stitch part, which meant changing the pattern a wee little in the beginning.
  • Different kind of yarn. I went down on needle size, that meant more bobbles (iiiik), but I got them done.
  • I didn't turn my work while knitting bobbles, I just slipped stitches back to left needle and knit them through then just passing stitches over the last stitch.
What I wish had done differently: knit the ribbing part longer (blocking again will help I hope, or losing weight :P) and knit the first stitch of every row. I trusted the pattern, but should have trusted my experience, now I have this strange cross-stitch row between body and button bands (It's because my stitches are quite loose). But I guess you can call it DESIGN element.

Yarn: Unknown producer, 100% merino, cream, 350 grams
Needles: 4 mm and 3,25 mm Addi Turbo circulars
Pattern: Forecast
Time: 5 days


Octopus Knits said...

Forecast looks lovely on you! I really like it in white, and your buttons provide a nice contrast.

Sarah said...

Lovely job!

Stephanie said...

white is a great color for forecast. it looks like it fits great and the buttons you made suit it :)

elisa said...

complimentoni! è proprio bello, in bianco poi mi piace moltissimo. Ci ho fatto anch'io un pensierino ma non sapendo usare i ferri circolari dovrei rivedere tutto il pattern e lavorarlo a pezzi... ma che ci si riesca? Intanto memorizzo il trucchetto dei bobbles!