Monday, July 23, 2007

BSJ Inspiration 2

I enjoyed Elisabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket design and simplicity yet complexity so much that I decided straight away upon hearing of the arrival of little Anita Marie to Estonia, that she needs a warmer jacket than the one I knit for her back in May, and she will be very cute in BSJ. Again the calculations didn't go easy, I had my doubts until the moment I handed it over, but it seems that the sleeves are quite right and the body goes fine until the end of this summer and then she certainly will need a new one. And I have some ideas already about that :).
Enough of blabber, I present the (not)finished jacket (I sew the sleeves and buttons on this morning, and silly silly silly me, forgot to take even one shot):
(Location: Pärnu 22nd July 2007)
Yarn: GB Wolle Gil (100% wool, 50 gr = 125 m)
Needles: 4mm Addi Turbo

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Namwan said...

Ingrid, how did you do the percentages?