Thursday, September 13, 2007

Between Pauses

Bloggin vacation for now is over.
It is quite shameful that whenever at the seaside in Puglia I have no urge to knit, it isstrange though that each year I take allmy UFOs and pattern and yarn along and never do anythingh, but I am convinced that the year I'll elave my needles and stash behind will be the Most Eventless Summer of all.
Therefore I have (ashamed) accomplished only 18 nearnothings as seen on photo.
And finished Clapotis.
Mystery Shawl isn't quite finished yet, I'll work on it during the next following weeks. For now I've finished packing my yarn (and it was mopre difficult that anyone can imagine), and I'm emotionally ready to not seeing them for the next 2-3 months while they do their seatrip towards my new home in Singapore. And I guess the next post will come from there as well. Until then, arrivederci!

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