Friday, October 26, 2007

Mindless knitting

I have very limited amount of yarn!!!! And the delivery of our household items will not be before 16th of November. It's horrible to live without my stash!!!
Therefore I have been forced to use that little I brought over in my luggage. I think in someways it's good that my yarn isn't around, so that I finally knit the stash that has been around for a while. Like my Ejido 160.
As part of the Christmas Gifts Project 2007, I've finished two simple scarfs. Everyone, who has been an expatriate, knows that first few weeks, nothing is better than some relaxing mindless knitting, that allows you to keep an eye on things or avoid certain missing necessities.

Earthly scarf
Earthly scarf
Yarn: Ejido 160 (100% merino, hand dyed)
Needles: 4,5 mm
Pattern: my own

My so called scarf
My so called scarf
Yarns: Ejido 160 (100% merino, handdyed)
Needles: 8 mm straight
Patterns: My so called scarf

And as a side-project I'm doing this:
Knitting lessons
I have to say, it has been and still is the most difficult "knitting project" of all.

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zrinka said...

Ciao Ingrid!!
Come va lì a Singapore?
Carina la tua bimba che lavora a maglia ... è già sulle orme della mamma, vedo :o)
La Silvia mi ha detto che, probabilmente, a dicembre vieni a Milano per qualche giorno ... mi raccomando: fammi sapere quando arrivi, così magari ci vediamo ... anche solo per una tazza di te!
Un salutone!!