Sunday, October 14, 2007

MS3 Complete!

My Swan Lake is ready. The actual knitting part I finsihed already a month ago, but due to lack of a blocking area I blocked it just yesterday and from late evening last night it has a new home with my new friend Laura, who actually dares to wear it.
My main concern when I started to knit Swan Lake (having heard It won't be symmetrical), since I am not a shawl person (too young, in my opinion) and most people I know wouldn't have the courage to wear it, was that it might stay in my closet for a very long time. Luckily I met Laura.
It was a tremendously fun project to knit, and I have many thanks to give to the designer Melanie Gibbons, from Pink Lemon Twists. If the next years Mystery Shawl sounds even half as interesting as it did this year, I will be knitting MS4 along as well.
Swan Lake and a guardian
Blocking 1Wing Detail
Swan LakeSwan Lake


Unknown said...

what a beauty! hope you can bring this to the meet up this saturday. i'm sure the lot of us will be in awe!

caska said...

ciaoooo bella!! la sua irregolarità e originale il disegno mi piace molto. E poi non e vero che per indossare uno scialle si deve essere vecchie ;) secondo me indossato con un bel vestitino e molto elegante ciaooooo

PippaW said...

Impressing! E' veramente bello, anche se non ho mica capito come si mette. Sei troppo brava!!